Doggy Inspired Clothes and Accesories

My best friend Birthday is tomorrow and she absolutely adores animals, well, I think she doesn’t like snakes or insects, but she loves animals in general, that’s why her Mom and I decided to make her a doggy party (I will post photos tomorrow or Saturday). And that’s why I had to buy her something with dogs or something resembling dogs. Here in Colombia right now cats and elephants are very in, so it was really really difficult to find something for her …. BUT in the end I finally found a really cute necklace, agenda and pouch for her … After all this really long talk I’m going to show you some really cute doggy inspired clothes I found in the web … I hope you like it ♥

Image                       Image

Image               13N11DCRM_large        4605266800_1_1_3

il_570xN.449659126_85fg      il_570xN.453643555_j4c3

IMG5120_horiz438_grande Puppy2s_horiz438_grande silver_puppy_-_animal_wrap_ring___bb54688b

P.S.: I saw this AMAZING page where you can buy any kind of jewellery related with dogs, paws, bones, faces, etc.  Try it NOW, also is not expensive and is really cute, I loved it ♥


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