My Fav Pup of the Week


Hi Guys!!! Sorry I’ve been absent but I was in vacations so I couldn’t write, but now I’m back (Again), so in this new  “My Fav Pup of the Week” … The little baby who has the pleasure of be featured by me is …..  My baby hahaha Pistacho Carroll  ♥ He’s adorable (Obviously) and I love him a lot, he recently became part of the social networks world so show him some love ♥

In his biography says: I’m a male Frenchie from Colombia who loves to chew everything, sleep and jump everywhere. Be my friend, I love people. DOB: 10/09/12. But he loves more than what it says, he ADORES to eat and sleep, play with me and with his bottles, he’s really cute and sweet and if you knew him you would love him tons and tons.

His Instagram is: pistachocarroll and his FB page is: Pistacho Carroll so show him some love because he is the cutest dog EVER and I’m not telling you guys this because he’s mine … Ok I’m doing it because of that but he’s still really cute. You’re not gonna regret it ♥


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