My Fav Pup of the Week


I came back with my fav pup of the week and this week my fav pup is Camber from Tuck and Camber, why did I choose inly one of those cuties, because even if both are extremely cute and squishy, our little Camber needs help with a cherry eye surgery, she’s so so beautiful and happy, but this surgery will make her much happier than ever, so let’s see some pictures of her and help her, they have an Etsy page where you can buy stickers to help her reach money for the surgery and also donate in their Indiegogo Page. This little girl and her family needs you ♥♥♥

Image            Image

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 You see, she’s so so so freaking cute and she needs our help, so let’s everyone help her wherever the way we can, it could be reposting this or reposting her IG account, it could be donating or it could be buying her cute sticker on Etsy, I will give you again all the pages where you can go and read more and see little Camber and of course her cute brother Tuck, thanks for reading this and I hope everyone helps 😀 ♥♥♥

Etsy Page:

IG Account:

IGG Page:


One thought on “My Fav Pup of the Week

  1. do not worry, the French Bulldog is a common defect, it is necessary to hide thumb back under the eyelid that “Yamen”, generally it does not interfere with the dog, but it can be removed surgically with veterinary medicine

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