About me

So, my name is Julieth I’m 20 years old and I’m from the beautiful Colombia. I’m a girl who likes boys and LOVES GOD … Besides that I can tell you that I study Finances and International Business but adores fashion and my dog (Pïstacho), fashion it’s my second love, I adore it, specially the styling part, I love to give people advices in how to dress for any occasion, sometimes it result good and sometimes it doesn’t because I love colours, prints and elegant clothes, eventually I’ll put photos of myself, so I hope all you stay tuned for that next step ♥


la foto (6)

I have another Blog but I wanted to create something new and something where I can be more open about myself and where I could put all my effort, I will try to write this in English and Spanish, I’m like Dora the explorer but pale and without a Bob and without a monkey …. Ok I’m not like Dora, but I speak both English and Spanish but obviously my first language is the Spanish so if you would like to teach me more English WELCOME!!! I need it …hahahaha and that’s basically all. Follow me and give me love ♥

Welcome to Fashion & Paws ♥


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